Who we are:

                               Ketil Bø (CEO), Ph.D.

Ketil Bø has background as associate professor at the Technical University of Trondheim (NTNU) and group leader at the research institute SINTEF.

He is entrepreneur of several successful high tech.  companies and served as member of the board on various companies.

Ketil Bø has also contributed to several national and international R&D projects.

Lionel Sacks (CTO), Ph.D.

Lionel Sacks has background from CERN, University of Liverpool, UCL and Q-Free.

He has experience in system development, data analysis and sensor Integration.

Jørn K. Skarholt (VP Business Development), MS

Jørn K. Skarholt has background from research at EFI (SINTEF Energy), then as CEO of Infotron for 10 years. He worked as a programmer at IBM (USA). He worked as a management and computer consultant at Interconsult. Jørn has long experience from international work.

System developers in India

Trollhetta has a highly educated and experienced software development team in Goa, India.

R&D in close cooperation with NTNU and SINTEF