DynamicImager is Trollhettas visual image processing environment offering N-dimensional, multispectral image processing. With the large, and still expanding library of ISO 12087 ( PIKS ) based Image Processing modules, we are half the way to develop your vision based applications.

Trollhetta is continuously developing new image processing modules for DynamicImager. This gives us a considerable advantage, since the basic project modules are already created and ready to be imbedded in the project . Using a  “Lego” approach to image-processing, we have automated many of the tedious details of developing an image processing based  application.

A general image processing application can be modeled as a set of cooperating processes of three types:

1. Input processes, responsible for locating, acquiring, and loading images into the system.


2. Computational processes, responsible for processing the data.


3. Presenting and other output processes, responsible for storing and presenting the results. Also output actions can be implemented.


DynamicIamger has been used in several applications such as:

–  Oil and Gass.
– Fish Farming

Counting and measuring
–  Medical Imaging
–  Quality control

NB! The algorithms developed and tested in DynamicImager, can also be directly imbedded in TrollEye applications.