Advanced Image Analyses and Artificial Intelligence

Trollhetta deliver development tools, products and solutions based on advanced image analyses and artificial intelligence (AI). Years of experience is integrated into our development tools and makes us an efficient supplier of  image understanding and AI related products.

The technical challenge is to make the computer understand the content of the images and act accordingly.

In order to solve complicated problems,  usually one has to take into consideration the specific “domain” of interest. Typically, in a domain there are objects and behavior  that can be observed and used  to make decisions or perform actions.  Bridging the gap between core technology and  solutions, in the fields of  Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence, is the success factor of Trollhetta. We summarize these fields into the term Image Understanding:

                                       The image understanding pipeline.

In order to make the link between raw image data and image understanding,  an image understanding pipeline has to be executed. The low level processing usually involves preprocessing such as noise- and distortion reduction. In the intermediate level, the image is segmented. Typically, these segments are blobs, edges, lines, corners, regions, etc.  In the last level the content of the image is extracted and used to solve the problem at hand.

Please contact us if you need solutions where image understanding is playing an important part.